Bicycles on public transport in Apulia and Matera

bike+train: In Puglia it’s gratis!

In Apulia and Basilicata (Matera) the bicycle carriage supplement on regional trains is free: the ticket inspector on board will give you a free ticket when you are controlled and you don’t have to buy the supplement before getting on board, you just need a normal ticket for you as a passenger.

The railway companies in Apulia are Trenitalia, FAL Ferrovie Appulo Lucane (Bari-Matera), Ferrotramviaria (internal line Barletta – Bari and Aeroporto di Bari-Palese) and Ferrovie del Gargano.

Most of the regional trains have a designated coach (from 3 to 12 bicycle racks), but before buying the ticket it is recommended to check on the schedules if the selected train offers this possibility. Especially in the Salento Peninsula carrying bikes on board is not always allowed. The airport of Bari is connected to the rail network, but not the one of Brindisi.

For information about national trains, visit the website by Trenitalia

bike+bus: a possible alternative

In Italy transporting a bicycle on board of a national train can be still difficult, even if something is changing.

Recently, bus lines are starting to offer the bicycle carriage services: Flixbus, Marino, etc., it is worth to check out the different transport conditions of each company.

The local buses can be an alternative on those stretches where there is no train connection. Even if not explicitly allowed, sometimes buses have a large luggage van often not used by local commuters: we suggest you to go to the first bus stop and ask the driver for a favor.