Family-friendly bicycle rides in Apulia

If you’re looking for bike routes you can with your children during your holiday in Apulia, then this is the right place. These routes are feasible also for 5-6 old kids, with a 20″ or 24″ bicycle possibly attached by a trailgator or a trailer.

  • easy route within everyone’s reach
  • no big differenze in height
  • protected, that is away from motorized traffic

In Puglia there are still no quality cycling infrastructures capable of allowing even children to cycle peacefully. However, there are some daily itineraries that you can plan with your children to spend a wonderful day outdoors.

Foresta Umbra by bike

The Umbra Forest’s “family bike tour” is an easy mountain bike route, which takes place without lots of ups and downs: in about 10 km, half asphalt and half dirt, it oscillates between 750 msl and 810 msl, therefore a very minimal difference. “The forest of the South with the trees of the North” is a beech forest declared a UNESCO natural heritage site, and it’s cool even in summer. And don’t miss a snack at the Elda Hotel bar. Bring lots of water because there is no fountain.

The Ciclovia dell’Acquedotto in Valle d’Itria

The stretch that goes from Locorotondo to Ponte Galante, between Cisternino and Ostuni, is the only greenway in Puglia, and also the most beautiful. Along it there are numerous farms to visit with animals and also bars for a regenerating stop. To complete the tour, you can return to the same road or – but this is only for experts – make a triangulation passing through Martina Franca. And there is also the train from Martina Franca to Locorotondo.

The Via Traiana in the Parco delle Dune Costiere

La Via Traiana in the Park of the Coastal Dunes is a stretch of the Adriatic Cycle Route laying on low traffic quiet roads amid olive trees groves. You start from Fasano station and arrive at Ostuni station, pedaling for almost 30 km, and with the possibility of returning comfortably by regional train. Along the route, you will find the magnificent white road of Ostuni, and the dolmen of Montalbano. The most tireless can continue on a quiet route up to the protected marine reserve of Torre Guaceto, and then take the train back at the Carovigno station.

Both for the previous route of the aqueduct and for this one, Cisternino is certainly the best place to stay.

If you liked these trip ideas, then take a look at our guide to cycling tourism in Puglia, see the maps and download the GPS tracks.